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j2_x_over's Journal

J2 x-over community
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community for J2 slash x-over fics; meant to pairings like Sam/Alec, Jensen/Sam, Tom/Clay, etc.

We all know that Jensen and Jared have been in many TV shows and movies, so that makes more characters than Sam and Dean to “play” with. So this comm is for those fics where your pairing is any other than our usual Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean.

Basically it means that if your fic pairing is Sam/Priestly, Tom/Clay, Alec/Dean etc. then this is the place where you can post your fic.


+ This is a J2 crossover community, so fic/art/etc that is paired with Jared and Jensen’s characters are things that you can post here.
+ There is to be NO wank. If we catch you mocking the authors, flaming their stories, you will be asked to leave.
+ Constructive criticism & feedback however is fine if the author asks for it.
+ Discussions about the boys’ movies, characters, etc are allowed. Write the topic on subject line.
+ Community pimping and other announcements are fine (but ask permission from the mods, before you post)
+ Read the posting guidelines before posting.
+ Have fun! Play nice! :D

posting guidlines~

+ Please use the tags provided, and remember to write the title , pairing and rating of your fic in the subject line.
+ Banners and artwork are allowed, but please use small sizes; max 450 px. Anything bigger than that has to be under the cut.
+ You should place warnings in your header somewhere, outside of the cut. For example, there are people who don’t want to read anything containing non-con or dub-con and this will let them be aware what they are about to click on.
+ If you can, add your word count in the header, some readers want to know how long your fic is.
+ Don’t make long author notes. If you really need to, put them under the cut.
+ Make your header so that it’s easy to read and looks nice.

fic header

+ All fic / art posted here should have some form of a header like so:

Author / Artist:
Pairing / Characters:
Word Count:

+ Here is a handy copy and paste for you of the above!